Cat Eye Stone Angel - Pocket size Angel made in semi precious gemstone Cat Eye - Gift an Angel

Cat Eye Stone Angel - Pocket size Angel made in semi precious gemstone Cat Eye - Gift an Angel

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As our products are handicrafts and are substantially handmade, it is natural and quite understandable that there will be some minor variation in the product’s features like design, colour, patterns, sculpting or dimensions. These variations actually enhance the product that you have bought from us, and makes it truly “one of a kind”.

Available in 10 Different Semi Precious Stone Varieties
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Radiating a Divine Beauty & Energy, Angels are benevolent celestial being, more like a messenger between Humans & God. It’s also considered to be a Guardian Spirit, protecting us from evil. They say having an angel made of pure precious stone, with you helps you tide over  difficult times with ease.

This beautiful 2 inch Cat Eye Semi Precious Stone Pocket Angel is a blessing for its owner.  It is believed that sudden health related traumas requiring crucial surgeries are mostly caused due to the malefic effects of Ketu in one's horoscope and carrying a cat eye stone benefits in nullifying the negative effects of Ketu. Cats Eye gemstone benefits the business or the professional life of its wearer.

Please understand: Each stone is different, the illustrated images & the actual product might vary slightly. But rest assured all are handmade from pure semi precious stones only. We have provided images to illustrate the great variance that occurs with this natural stone. Each unit created is unique and varies from each other. We take extra care in packing and shipping too. We hope you enjoy our products.

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