Pancha Mukhi Shiv Lingam in Jade Stone - 5 faced Lord Shiva with Nandi Bull

Pancha Mukhi Shiv Lingam in Jade Stone - 5 faced Lord Shiva with Nandi Bull

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In Hindu religion, Lord Shiva is one of the three main Gods of the triumvirate i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as the first Yogi (Adiyogi). The Shiva Lingam is a symbol of Lord Shiva - a mark that reminds of the Omnipotent Lord, who is also formless. It is used for worship in temples and other shrines. There have been several genuine cases of self-manifested Shivlings across various parts of India. This Shivling, painstakingly made out of jadestone shows 5 faces of the Great Lord.

Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity, and signifies wisdom gained in tranquility. Jade is considered a protective stone which soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts. It is believed to have excellent medicinal properties which aids the treatment of kidney problems & adenal glands, removal of toxins and healing of stitches.

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